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Jazz Jive - Volume 40 Issue 2

Volume 40 Issue 2

Monday, June 14, 2021

Headliners, we appreciate you playing for us and inspiring us to jump right in this week! Campers, we appreciate you following the rules and having positive attitudes.

Announcements for Today:

  • Lessons: If you want an additional lesson, please speak directly with the teacher to schedule it with their availability. If you have a scheduled lesson you don’t want, please tell the teacher so they can take it off their schedule.

  • Please make sure you are wearing your name tag unless you are in your dorm. Thank you!

  • Commuters, you can not go in the dorms.

  • Resident Campers, you can only be in your own dorm room. You can not go in anyone else’s room.

  • Campers are NOT allowed to leave campus. We are responsible for you and must have a signed parent permission slip for you to leave the campus every time you NEED to leave. You signed a student conduct form that stated you will not leave campus.


  • Resident campers: We will meet at 4:15 outside the dorms to go to Arnolds Park.

  • Please make sure you shower—at night or in the morning—but at least once a day while you are here!

  • Instruments need to stay with you or in your rehearsal rooms at all times during the day. At night, instruments need to go in your big band rehearsal rooms or in your dorm room.

  • Remember to pick up after yourselves! Trash, personal items, your binders, instruments, etc.

  • Keep in mind: We are all here to learn. We all are all experts at different things and ALL have LOTS to learn!

Special Events: Tomorrow is Tropical Day

It’s finally summer, so let’s celebrate by wearing summer clothes! Flowered shirts/skirts/pants/shorts, leis, hats, sandals, sunglasses, coconuts, or anything else you’d find on a tropical island! REMEMBER THIS IS A SCHOOL – APPROPRIATE CLOTHING IS REQUIRED! Sign up outside the office if you participate to win a prize. Staff can win, too! Names need to be collected before Master Class tomorrow.

Tuesday’s Schedule:

7:30 Breakfast

8:00 Big Band

9:30 Theory

10:25 Instrument Class

11:00 Lunch / Free Time

11:30 Camper Activity in the Max

12:00 Lessons / Lunch / Free Time / Camper Activity

1:00 Combo Rehearsal

2:00 Master Class

3:00 Big Band Rehearsal

4:00 Lessons / Free Time

Tuesday Night’s Activity: Concert at Thoreson Park. We will eat supper there, then the Headliners perform.

Outside the Changes: This section is made up of contributions BY YOU! Bring all of your printable funny stories, memorable quotes, duh moments, funny jokes, and interesting facts to the camp office… please write it on a piece of paper how you would like it printed.

“A triad in root position is really just a snowman.” - Gooch

Can we just have camp at Casey’s?

“Uh, Lars, it’s not that bright in here, you can take those sunglasses off.”

Can anyone beatbox?

“I missed the meeting...I was buying shampoo.” - Ryan Middleton


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