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Jazz Jive: Volume 40 Issue 1

Volume 40 Issue 1

Sunday, June 13, 2021


Good afternoon and welcome to the 40th annual Reggie Schive Summer Jazz Camp!We hope you are ready for an exceptionally great week of playing and learning JAZZ! Thank you for being a part of our Summer Jazz Camp. We hope you learn more than you can imagine and have fun making memories and friendships to last a lifetime.

What is this?

This is the Jazz Jive. It will be published daily to keep you tuned into the latest news at camp. Please make sure to take a few moments between rehearsals to read through this in its entirety so you don’t miss any changes (pun intended). It will inform you where you need to be! YOU may even appear in this publication…be sure to report funny stories that happen to you and your friends. Any “newsworthy” and funny information may be brought to the Camp Office in the cafeteria and Student Center and dropped off in the “Outside the Changes” box.

Who was Reggie?

This camp is alive because of a wonderful man named Reggie Schive. We lost this incredible performer, educator, and friend in February 2004. As a student at UNI, ‘Reg’ played an important role in forming the UNI Jazz Festival, now known as the Tall Corn Jazz Festival. The Great Plains Jazz Festival was started under his leadership during his time at the University of Nebraska, Omaha. While teaching at Buena Vista College, he began the Reggie Schive Summer Jazz Camp. This was the first camp in the United States dealing exclusively with jazz education. It stands today as the longest running big band and combo jazz camp in the United States! This year we are celebrating its 40th year! When he left the college, the camp moved to Lake Okoboji. He was the director of the camp for 20 years, and it continues in his name.

Audition & Check-In Schedule

3:30-6 pm Registration & Check-In to Rooms 5-6:30 pm Auditions/Theory placement in Cafeteria Saxophones/Flutes/Clarinets/Misc: Band Room 35 Trumpets: Room 101 Trombones: Room 112 Piano: Room 37 Bass: Blue Note Room (Room 9) Guitar: Room 46 Drum auditions in Room 10

7:30 pm Big Band Rehearsals (Meet in cafeteria at 7:15 for band placement and rehearsal location) 8:30 pm Headliner Welcome in Performing Arts Center 9:00 pm Commuter Campers dismissed / Resident Campers with Counselors 10:30 pm In your dorm room 11:00 pm Lights Out

Tomorrow’s Schedule

7:30 am Breakfast (they may open early for you…) 8:00 am Big Band Rehearsals (same place as Sunday) 9:30 am Theory/Improvisation Class (3 levels: Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced) 10:25 am Instrument Class (same location as auditions) 11:00 am Lunch (see Camp Office window for lesson times and locations)

11:30 am Camper Activities with Counselors

12:00 pm Lessons/Free Time 1:00 pm Combo Rehearsals (see Camp Office window for band placement and rehearsal location) 2:00 pm Master Class in Performing Arts Center (performance and instruction by Headliners) 3:00 pm Big Band Rehearsals

4:00 pm Flute/Clarinet/Woodwind Choir (Band Room), Lessons & Free Time

4:30 pm Resident Campers load vans outside of dorms to go to Arnold’s Park (sack lunches at AP)

8:00 pm Headliner Concert in the Park

8:30 pm Load vans -- quick stop at Wal-Mart -- return to Estherville

10:30 pm In Dorms

11:00 pm Lights Out


The 4-Plexes are the buildings north of the student dorm rooms. This is the home of our staff members. This area is off limits to campers. Thank you for your cooperation.

Name Tags

Please wear your nametags every day, all day (during scheduled camp activities). Most people will learn your name quickly, but some take longer than others. Let’s help those slower (and older!) by wearing the nametags to avoid embarrassing moments. Also, you need your name tag to go through the food line. Thank you!


The computers in the cafeteria lobby are available for all camp students. Please use discretion on appropriate websites. You can also log on to Iowa Lakes WiFi for free by logging in as a guest. There is no WiFi in the dorms during the summer months—sorry!

Today is School Pride Day

Please wear something with your school’s name, emblem, mascot, etc. to rehearsal tonight for a chance to win prizes. Sign up outside the office if you participate. Staff can win, too! Names need to be collected before the Headliner Introduction tonight!

Tomorrow is Flag Day

“Flag Day” or “Red, White and Blue Day” Flag Day, our National holiday is tomorrow, Monday, June 14… so support the USA and wear your best patriotic attire. Any red, white and/or blue will make you eligible for a prize! Sign up outside the office if you participate to win a treat. Staff can win, too! Names need to be collected before Master Class tomorrow!


Meal times are posted in your daily schedules. If you are a commuter, you may purchase meals on a daily basis or purchase a meal ticket in the Iowa Lakes Community College business office located next to the front lobby. You may also bring your lunch and are welcome to join the resident campers in the cafeteria. There is a microwave available.


There is a general tentative schedule for this evening on the second page of the Jazz Jive. All schedules will be posted in the Cafeteria/Student Center on the Camp Office window. Lesson schedules and locations will be posted there, as well.

TWITTER/Facebook/Instagram: #jazzcamp

Students, although cell phones are not permitted during rehearsals and classes, we encourage you to share and document your week on social media sites with #jazzcamp. Also, be sure to check out our Snapchat filter this year!

For Parents

Pictures Pictures will be shared daily on the Jazz Camp Facebook page!

Commuter Students

Commuter campers can attend the Headliner concerts for free if they wear their name tags. They are responsible for their own transportation and dinner. They can go to Arnolds Park Amusement Park on Monday night, but are responsible for their own transportation, ticket cost and dinner.

Thursday Student Concerts

*Concerts webcasted on Iowa Lakes website:

3:30 pm Combo Concert 6:30 pm Big Band Concert Supper available in the cafeteria between concerts.

Students must also check out of the dorms between concerts

Thursday Supper Option

There will be a sandwich bar, salads, desserts, and a drink for $5.00. If you need to sign up after today, please email Carol ( or call/text Carol (712-330-3647).

If you have any more questions, please feel free to call/text Carol (712-330-3647) at any time. Thank you so much for encouraging your students to participate in our camp!


There are many dedicated staff people waiting to work with you! Let us introduce ourselves!

Carol Ayres Stueven – Camp Director – IA Lakes Community College band director CJ Kocher – Headliner: Saxophone– Dr. Kocher – University of South Dakota band director Michael Gurciullo (Gooch) – Headliner: Trumpet– professional musician/big band leader/vocalist from Phoenix, AZ Dan Cassady – Headliner: Trombone– professional musician/adjunct professor at BVU Andy Hall – Headliner: Bass– professional musician, adjunct professor at UNL from Lincoln Tony Gulizia – Headliner: Piano – professional musician/teacher/vocalist from Vail, CO Joey Gulizia – Headliner: Percussion – professional musician/teacher from Omaha, NE Michael Wilbur – Combo leader & trombone lessons – Wagner, SD band director Ryan Middleton – Big band leader & sax lessons – graduate student at Colorado State University Laura Garred – Office staff Emily Ayres – Office staff Tom Musel – Trumpet lessons Cindy Mouw – Office staff Donna Musel – Office staff – Director of the Center for Academic Excellence at BVU Trish Morfitt – Office staff – freelance graphic/web designer Doug Stueven – Equipment and sound consultant – 4th grade teacher at Spirit Lake

Counselors & Jr. Counselors (junior counselors (JC): going to be a freshman in college)

  • Lincoln Larsen, trumpet

  • Logan Musel, percussion

  • Travis Meyer, tenor sax

  • Jada Duis, clarinet & bari

  • Trevor Zellmer, bass trombone

  • Andrew Tran, alto sax

  • J. J. Breuer, percussion

  • Camden McKenney, trombone

  • Niomie Egesdal, bass

  • Mackenzie Depyper, flute

  • Kellie Schmaus, flute

  • Ethan Marth, guitar

  • Louis Wiley, trumpet (JC)

  • Terrell Campbell, tuba, sax, valve trombone (JC)

  • Mahala Kruse, tenor sax (JC)

  • Katrin Musel, French horn, cello, trumpet (JC)

These counselors will be available to help you settle into your dorm rooms, move equipment, and help you register. If you have any requests for evening activities, please inform your counselors. They are in charge of your FUN activities while at camp—let them know what you’d like to do! :) Please feel free to contact them with any questions or concerns! If they can’t help you, they know who will be able to! They are here for YOU.


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